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ThriftBooks started in 2003 with a pick-up truck of used books stashed in a storage unit, listing books solely on Our first book sold was the beloved children's classic, Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. Over the years, we've added regional processing centers across the country and hundreds of employees. Throughout this time, we also built our processes to purchase, grade, and distribute used and rare/collectible books. Today we are the world's largest online independent used book seller, operating with state-of-the-art automation and advanced analytics in a safety-first environment. Our primary customer web and mobile destination is our brand home, We also continue to sell on Amazon, eBay, Abe, and other commerce sites where booklovers gather. We hand-grade every book in our inventory and offer books in a variety of formats and conditions for our customers. We pride ourselves on our wide assortment of quality used, accurately graded books provided to our customers at everyday low prices. Our award-winning customer service team and our 5-star rating on Trustpilot, with over 640,000 reviews, provide our customers assurance to shop with confidence while finding books they love and look forward to reading. Our ReadingRewards loyalty program continually delight loyal customers with free books awarded for their points earned. Our partnerships extend into communities across the country. Our profit-sharing relationship with libraries large and small enables us to support these valuable institutions by finding homes for ex-library books and working with Friends of Library groups across the country to provide financial support for their continued success. We give back to our communities through our ThriftBooks Cares pillar, designed to connect with communities in the US and globally donating books to those in need—including schools, non-profit organizations, and those rebuilding after natural disasters. We believe in books and the power of the written word to impact lives and societies across the globe, and we cherish our role in saving books to live another day to educate, entertain, inspire, and transform lives.

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Swap Used Books - Buy New Books at Great Prices!

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Search books, fine art & collectables offered by independent sellers around the world

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At ValoreBooks, we understand how expensive college can be. That's why we give students the option to buy or rent cheap textbooks from over 18,000 verified sellers and rental providers who compete to provide the absolute lowest prices. The average student saves about $500 per year when buying or renting all of their required books from our marketplace. ValoreBooks also lets you sell text books directly to us at the highest buy back prices online. ValoreBooks is and always will be dedicated to making your college experience better.

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Use it often when searching online

I often see when searching for reviews online. There are lots of reviews but website is not easy to use - lot's of information on the pages.

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04 Feb 2021
The best review service so far

The most active and honest people are leaving reviews here: objective and useful information about any company worldwide!

BRTO90 on ReadSomeReviews
11 Feb 2020
I like your site :)

Another review website, but still the experience is okay. Good luck ;)

GTN on ReadSomeReviews
30 Jan 2020
They are full of scams

They charged me over $30 for one click that was most likely their representatives. They also remove good reviews and left the bad ones!

Josh on ReadSomeReviews
29 Jan 2020

Another great way for the public to learn about the best product suppliers!

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23 Jan 2020
This is an excellent service

This is an excellent service that gives consumers a voice. I notice there are a number of companies advertising on the Web that have no feedback system. The whole being of Trustpilot allows the public some protection, superb, thank you

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16 Jan 2020