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Maxiwebconsulting Ltd. (project Upstore) was established in 2012 to provide services for users all over the world to upload, backup and share their big (or even small) files with friends, family and so on. The company helps users to transfer files through the web on any distance, even from U.S.A. to Singapore and backward... Maxiwebconsulting Ltd. (Upstore) is going to establish branches in a several most important countries, such as U.S.A. and United Kingdom, to further improve services to clients.

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Optimal service for my activity
I sometimes use this service and Google Drive to store and share the photos with my family. This one is also a good one.
Max on ReadSomeReviews
16 Mar 2021
No reason to use premium
I am all confortable with the free account. Always easy and fast to dowbload and upload
Mr. Nickson on ReadSomeReviews
Mr. Nickson
15 Mar 2021
High speed, reliable connection
I use this upload service for about two and half years now and the upload speed was always enough, the connection was almost always reliable and stable.
Django on ReadSomeReviews
13 Mar 2021
Premium does not work for me
As I have almost always some small files to store (doc, xls) it appeared that I don't need any premium accounts with the higher uploading speed. Anyway, the service is quite comfortable to use, it is stable and always available.
Mark on ReadSomeReviews
12 Mar 2021
Good premium speed
Using the premium account for about a year now - the uploading speed was perfectly high. nice place to store your files - it is always available
JacobSon on ReadSomeReviews
09 Mar 2021
There might have been support
The premium services are okay, but it would be much better for them to have an online support who would resolve customers problems. Anyway it is okay and convenient to use.
Jose on ReadSomeReviews
08 Mar 2021
Fast, reliable, private
I store my files for about 5 years now and it has always been excellent to use upstore. I wish I could leave the best reviews for upstore everywhere. Nice job, guys
Texasboy on ReadSomeReviews
06 Mar 2021
Premium features are okay
Anyway, I used limited functionality for a long time and it was okay for my needs. Premium features are good to use
qwerPete on ReadSomeReviews
05 Mar 2021
Decided to buy premium finally
So finally after having a limit of 20GB and using the service for some time, I decided to buy a premium. This is my forst month and it is good so far!
DiAngelo on ReadSomeReviews
01 Mar 2021
Uploads well
Uploads well and fast on my 5Hz 1GB line.
Toby? on ReadSomeReviews
27 Feb 2021
Fast, reliable, simple
Upstore is definitely worth using
Corps666 on ReadSomeReviews
10 Feb 2021
Premium for even better speed
Premium features allows me to upload some large files faster. You just need to have a good provider.
Croc on ReadSomeReviews
09 Feb 2021