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We are defenders. We are sportsmen. We are outdoorsmen. We believe that it is our American duty to help everyone, from first-time buyers to long-time enthusiasts, understand and legally secure their firearms and accessories. That’s why our arsenal is fully-packed, consistently refreshed, and always loaded with high-quality, affordable firearms and accessories.

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The quality of customer service is top notch and delivery is always fast

I made several orders at the grabagun. Every purchase was great. Excellent communication with the customer, delivery is fast and every purchase is delivered in perfect condition. I received the highest quality original spare parts and was satisfied.

Den D on ReadSomeReviews
Den D
19 Oct 2021
Still waiting

I will change my review when I actually get my item. Your website says my order is complete but it has been 10 days since I placed the order and the carrier has not even set an estimated delivery date. The order is not complete until it is in my hands. While this is not an extremely long time to wait, I don't appreciate when a company washes their hands of an order once it leaves their building.

Russell on ReadSomeReviews
14 Oct 2021
Best customer service

My first order and I am very satisfied. Fast delivery, there were some difficulties with payment, I called them and they helped me quickly resolve this issue. The service is top notch, I am sure I will order more from them and more than once.

Kevin D. on ReadSomeReviews
Kevin D.
13 Oct 2021
First Class Website

Gunbroker's website is set up to enable the user to quickly find the information needed. The search feature works very well and the watchlist records those items that may be of interest. Very professional and user friendly

Jasper on ReadSomeReviews
11 Oct 2021
Easy to use

My orders went through without any issues, no complaints.
Responsible due diligence and quick service.

Thomas on ReadSomeReviews
04 Oct 2021
The jury is still out

This is my first experience with The FFL I choose from their list did not have a current license filed with them. This was not GunBroker's fault (maybe), but delayed shipment of my first order by a week or so. The order was placed 9/15/2021 and arrived 9/27/2021.

My second order was also submitted on 9/15/2021. Tracking data shows it was not shipped until 9/25/2021. As of 9/28/2021, it still has not been received. This was ammo ordered from a third party, so I am not sure where the delay occurred, but it may not have been a GunBroker delay. The jury is still out but I am still waiting for my order.

Michael on ReadSomeReviews
29 Sep 2021
Great experience

I was skeptical with it being my first order but I had a great experience with GrabAGun. They’re on top of the game having shipped the same day so I picked it up 3 days later. Niiiccceee!

Jordan on ReadSomeReviews
18 Mar 2021