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Starting January 17, 2019, we began redirecting traffic from to Even though the Intellicast name and website will be going away, the technology and features that you have come to rely on will continue to live on

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Times Internet is India’s largest digital products company. Our products simplify and enhance the everyday lives of people.

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Weather Underground has challenged the conventions around how weather information is shared with the public since 1993. We're immensely proud of the unique products that our community and meteorologists have created to improve people's access to meaningful weather data from around the globe. As the Internet's 1st weather service, we consider ourselves pioneers within our field and we're constantly seeking new data sets and the next technologies that will help us share more data with more people.

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Bleeping Computer® is an information security and technology news publication created in 2004. Millions of visitors come to every month to learn about the latest security threats, technology news, ways to stay protected online, and how to use their computer more efficiently.

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Trending HipHop News and Videos

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Should you still choose to use this free service, please do not use it for anything that may be important to you.

G J. on ReadSomeReviews
G J.
21 Oct 2021
Deleting an account without the ability to recover

All my old emails and data are gone.
They have deleted my account of 7 years only because i havent used it for a few months!

Nick on ReadSomeReviews
15 Oct 2021
still it was a good source

I used to look for the information regarding problems with my PC. It was very useful site and comunity but now I found out that mac don't have those problem <<))

Magento on ReadSomeReviews
17 Aug 2021
Some Pearls of Wisdom

Enjoying your time on Lipstick Alley requires knowing how to navigate the forum. This place is not conducive for diverse opinions. It’s just not setup for it. The rating system used on posts encourage a pack mentality and bullying. The three main keys to navigating this forum easily is speaking on threads that mirror your opinion, quickly recognizing posters with toxic communication styles, and knowing when to disengage from a conversation. If one chooses not to take the easy path, then being witty is very useful. My days on this site are numbered or already gone with the way the forum is heading. The positive aspects of the forum for me seem to be gone with the new influx of posters that makes the cons so blaring. The new influx of posters post comments that I expect people that don’t think highly of black people to say. I can’t find a commonality with those posters, and they have changed the tone of the sub-forums that I have enjoyed visiting. This forum can be entertaining and very funny, but you got to know how to navigate the forum.

I Gotta Say It on ReadSomeReviews
I Gotta Say It
25 Jul 2021

The Black condi is no longer. What you have now are a bunch of white people universally using the Condi username. The same anti black threads trend everyday. Before then if the threads were the same, they would get merged. Now the same anti black thread trends everyday. There is also an influx of DIEvesting black women who make the board ultra wack. They claim to be so beautiful that everyone wants them and claim to have so many suitors yet when you read between the lies you can truly see how the feel about themselves but they project it onto other black women. These DIEvestors are the ones who promote the myth of black women in general being universally unattractive. The measure black womens attractiveness by white males so if a black women has never dated a white male then that means shes unattractive. They claim that black women in general are overweight, ugly and ghetto because they dont see many black women with white males. What these DIEvestors wont admit is that even though many of them are escorts who dont make a lot of money white men dont want them at all. They get nose jobs, long weaves and force themselves to become anorexic just to be a concubine with nothing to their name. Its really disgusting. Go into the xes alley and they are the most hypersexual gutta hoes in existence. They are the ones who shifted the board to this anti black trope you see now. Theres no tea. Theres only Black male bashing threads, black women are ugly threads and why white people are better than black people threads. You also have to add the influx of non black people on the site. Just horrible

Alyssa on ReadSomeReviews
28 Jun 2021

Lipstickalley is full of so-called confident BW who envy and obsess over white and biracial women. The posters are very miserable, jealous, hateful, and racist then wonder why this group is at the very bottom in society. I honestly don't feel as if this forum is for me anymore. It has an overwhelmingly large foreign presence, which has made everything boring and depressing. The overall content and behaviors are of females who are no older than 25. Had this site stayed American, and didn't have an influx of Twitter personalities and stans, it would probably still be decent. I may actually be leaving lipstickalley for good this time. The vibes of 2017 and years prior are long gone...

Lol they also can't think for themselves. Every other person claims to be so intelligent, yet repeat whatever white liberals are saying elsewhere to death. I don't really have an issue with Condi and most of the mods, it's the regular posters who are annoying and a turn off. This is not a place for women who strive for peace, happiness, and who ACTUALLY love themselves.
This is a "safe place" for women who cause a lot of problems in real life but want to act as if they're innocent and their race is why people feel the way that they do. HA !

Fallon on ReadSomeReviews
09 May 2021
The Worst People

In summary, the people who post here are downright bullies who love to humiliate others, put them down, control the narrative, and impose what should and shouldn't be posted. I can tell you right now not everyone is welcome in LSA. Don't waste your time. You won't get much out of participating in this forum except for being bullied and reported if you disagree with the posters in any way, shape, or form. They are lowlives. Trust me, there are forums that will build you up and where the members are civilized. Most of the women in LSA are uneducated, unsophisticated, ill-mannered, barbarian thugs. Besides reading their posts, DON'T bother to post anything there. They will tear you apart, especially if they know you are not part of their community. I would give this a -0 stars if I could.

cheesecake on ReadSomeReviews
30 Apr 2021
Join the lipstickalley community!

Fresh news and gossips )) My morning starts with it as I work in celebrity advertisement. Nice portal! More people should join it.

Tabi on ReadSomeReviews
23 Apr 2021
Awful racist place

They mark offenders in every neighborhood and guess what? They make it all racist.

Jamil on ReadSomeReviews
29 Mar 2021
Pretty helpful

I found them when a malware on my pc was detected. I found a bunch of related articles on how to get rid of it. Very helpful place this bleeping computer

Mads on ReadSomeReviews
29 Mar 2021
Don't use!

They allow those obscene pictures of young girls in profiles so that creepy old men see them! I've been using this site for a couple of years to chat with nice people but it is filling with that lewd content they can do nothing about. Shame of you! Don't use

Larry D. on ReadSomeReviews
Larry D.
25 Mar 2021
LSA update

1 star because the new layout is ugly and I haven't been allowed to post there for I don't know how many horus ("You have insufficient privileges to reply here.") while others can.

barri on ReadSomeReviews
24 Mar 2021