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06 Oct 2020
Lipstick Alley Elykia was really nasty to me. She lied so people could attack me. She’s a really sneaky person so she’d go to the back alley to lie and slander me if I defended myself against her lies and nastiness. She’d also pretend she was being bullied or harassed by me to confuse people on who the true victim was because I said I was bullied and harassed by her. This is an example of the nastiness she wrote about me: It’s all lies to. It’s to get people to gang up on me and attack me like she was. She lied and said I was a troll when I wasn’t. She also lied and said I was white when I wasn’t. Played victim to make me look bad and to manipulate people’s views of me. She’s always looking for ways to make people view me negatively. She’d link up with other members of this website who she saw posted negative or critical comments about me (even if they were false). She was on a massive rampage against me to make me look bad. It seemed really personal. She’ll feel happy when she reads this because she laughed at me before because I said she upset me for no reason.
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Nonnonon Nonnonon
2020-11-30 19:39:02
Everyday nonsense on lsa.