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PoF is much worse than J4Date com

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05 Jan 2021
POF is full of ridiculously picky unattractive women with incredible demands, offering nothing in return. They don't even fill in their profiles, they say nothing about themselves but only talk about the perfect man they want. Things are 100% opposite on J4Date and you know why? Because women outnumber men there, so the men aren't so desperate, as a result the women are more feminine, open and friendly. They take better care of themselves, looking perfectly groomed and pretty.They have simpler, unspoiled personalities and adequate undemanding attitude. You don't have to be knight in armour or Rockfeller to be popular there. But on Pof you have to be perfect,you have to put in every possible effort to gain their attention, but ask yourself a question, is it worth it? Don't lose you time and dignity, brothers!
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