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I have bought items from this company before. Everything i received was fine as far as quality was expected. It did take some time to get to me which was fine since i always got the cheapest Shipping. This message is to inform those who shop for special occasions. WARNING: do not bother paying the extra in shipping. They say 3-7 business for expedited shipping. THIS IS A LIE! Do not waste your money. Just order a couple months in advance to the date you need it. Otherwise you are bound to be disappointed. I ordered mine this time choosing the quicker shipping hoping to receive it in time for the holidays DEC. 13th. They held it for a week (handling time i was told was not part of the shipping) then when i called i was informed one of my items was out of stock. This was not mentioned on the site. At least with Amazon they tell you that. Which was another delay. Now when i get the item i will have holiday clothes i will not be able to wear until next year. Expedited shipping DOES NOT EXIST with this company. It is now Dec. 23rd and still i do not have it. 13 to the 23rd. That's 13 days and counting. Far cry from 3-7 days. So save yourself this hassle and order at least 2-3 months in advance that way you do not waste extra money or time. Very disappointing.