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ReadSomeReviews was created by ordinary consumers, who at some point accepted that we regularly become the victims of substandard services, and endlessly search for responsible and conscientious businessmen, especially online. Some services truly try to simplify the consumers' everyday life but often without a full understanding of what we really need.

Our goals are to help

- consumers:

  • make research about a company before a purchase;
  • share the experience by impartial, honest, and unaffiliated text or video reviews;
  • evolve as influencers and grow the audience.

- companies:

  • demonstrate professionalism and concern about the quality of the services;
  • listen to the audience and effectively improve business;
  • share the story of successful business management and customer service with the entire online world.

We aim to serve our community and create a trusted, comfortable space for communication between consumers and companies.

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