Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Bad reviews. Can any business pay to remove bad reviews?

No. Never :)

Any business has the right to dispute reviews: our managers will investigate each case personally.

2. Business activity. What activity should business have to appear on ReadSomeReviews?

Any activity which is legally providing online and offline services or sells physical or intangible goods is allowed.

Still, we will sort activity carefully, though you won't find any business profiles that are harmful or illegal.

3. Customers' Choice. What is the Customers' Choice?

It is a section with prime companies in each category, which earned the reviewers’ trust and praise.

Businesses can’t pay for this position. The best are defined after a substantial quantity of positive reviews is gathered.

4. Delete business page. Is it possible to delete business page from ReadSomeReviews?

Nope, it is not possible. If there is at least one review about your business: positive or negative, the business profile will be created and will remain in our database.

We recommend following up the page – it is fun to hear from customers and show the world who rocks!

5. Delete profile. Can I delete my profile?

Yes, you may delete the reviewer's profile at any time. The related data will be removed, including the reviews left before.

6. Edit reviews. Can I delete, update or edit my reviews?

Sure. You may use the appropriate functionality in the profile.

7. Fake reviews. Does ReadSomeReviews define and prevent fake reviews?

Yes, each review is deeply analyzed by our team before publication.

Still, if you feel that something is wrong with any review, you may always let us know about it, and we will investigate it additionally. We also intend to improve the system to define potentially fake reviews, conduct linguistic analysis, and help a human care about the information faster.

8. False or unjust review. Can I claim publicly that a review is false or unjust?

Sure, but you should be polite and respect your audience. ReadSomeReviews team will investigate the case and make a careful decision.

9. Influencers section. What is the Influencers section?

The section is to discover profiles of the top influencers in each category. The higher karma a reviewer has - the better chances to become a leading critic on ReadSomeReviews, get more audience, and grow professionally as an influencer.

10. Influencers. How ReadSomeReviews is helpful for influencers?

Influencers who specialize in online reviews have a chance to start a unified profile with all the reviews from YouTube, Google, Instagram, and Facebook, sharing and promoting their opinions about any company from a single place.
These services are and always be free of charge!

11. Karma. What is the reviewer's karma?

Karma reflects how helpful are one's reviews for the community. It is formed by balancing the number of reviews, views, the value determined by other users, and comments. The higher karma, the higher is the position and attention among top influencers who go into reviews professionally. And of course, karma also reminds us to be good, even when doing reviews :)

12. Negative review removal. Can I ask a reviewer to remove or update their negative review?

Yes, it will be awesome if you resolve the problem privately and smooth out the case with the customer.

13. Negative review. What should I do if someone writes a negative review about my business?

You should find out whether the reviewer is your actual customer and resolve the problem privately or publicly. If you can't do that yourself – we are here to assist!

14. Public responses. Should I give public responses to reviews?

Nay, you must do that! You should show your potential customers that you care about each feedback and client you get. It is the best advertising for those who even never heard about your company! Your attention will help people learn more about the business and its code, how you treat your customers, how you resolve problems.

15. Remove reviews. Does ReadSomeReviews ever remove reviews?

Yes, if reviews' content conflicts with our service's Terms and Conditions, contains cruel, untruthful, violent, shocking, or any other prohibited information, which may harm other people's feelings, believes, origin, religion, or different spiritual values. If a review is removed, a reviewer gets a notification with reasons.

ReadSomeReviews also allows companies to initiate an investigation. If a review appears to be fake - it may be removed from the platform.

16. Respond to reviews. How should I respond to reviews?

The main thing you should show, that you respect your customers, forcing them to deliver outstanding services every day; that you are grateful for their loyalty and ready to resolve any issue if something goes wrong. Nothing is perfect, but still, there is always a way to nigh the perfectness!

17. Review from a competitor. What should I do if a review is written by a competitor or a fake customer?

If competitors do things like that with you, it means you are successful :) Please do not panic. Ask for legit information from the reviewer, make sure about your assumptions and let us know about the case.