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Good luck recieving your order
This company is a total scam. Never received my order, it got "lost" in shipping. They offered to replace it and I would have to pay $9.99 shipping again or a store credit. Why would I want a store credit when I can't even get what I've ordered so far?

Their customer service takes forever to respond, I mean it was 5 days, and I'm talking business days, then they needed another 5 days to check with their shipping service to find out my package was lost. I wanted a refund and they refused and just sent me a code for my order cost ($40), which I never agreed to in the first place. So I'm like screw it, whatever, I'll buy some clearance items with it, so I go to try and use the credit and it won't allow me to use it on sale items when the items I ordered in the first place were on black friday sale. I had ordered 6 pairs and all the credit would get me is 2? How is that a credit when you can't even apply it to current sales their site has? When I finally got to talk to someone and renegotiated having my order resent and paid for shipping AGAIN! They magically were out of stock of items in my order and I had to select new replacements, which I did immediately, then it took them 2 days to confirm the replacements and it's been 2 days since that email and nothing has shipped still. It's been a week since I repaid for shipping again and my order still has not shipped. What are they doing? I originally ordered Dec 1st 2022 and it is now Jan 11th 2023 no replacement received and it still hasn't even shipped. I originally inquired about my order missing Dec 19th, so just communicating over a replace has taken almost a month. I have next to no faith I'll ever see my order and am now going to have to try to get my credit card company to issue a refund. (Side note their name isn't Cheek Boss on the BBB website it's Loyalty Brand Marketing LLC and there are a mountain of complaints).

DO NOT BUY FROM CHEEK BOSS. Their products are overpriced in the first place and you probably won't even get your package and getting resolutions from them is damn near impossible. Good luck everyone if you placed an order through Cheek Boss. May the odds be ever in your favor!
Mary on ReadSomeReviews
13 Jan 2023
Sent my relatives in Europe another customer's order - they were VERY offended!
I've used Fracture several times in the past with zero issues and was very happy with them UNTIL the order I placed last week. This latest order experience has been truly awful! I placed an order for a glass print of the drawing I did of my grandfather to send to my aunt and uncle in Europe. When the glass print arrived there yesterday, I received an angry and rude email from my aunt and uncle demanding an explanation about the photo of a man printed on glass with the name "Udelio 2022" on it stating "What is the meaning of this? We are not interested in this and we cannot believe you sent this to us! We don't want this!". That was not what I ordered and had sent to them, and my aunt and uncle were clearly VERY offended by whatever image they received from Fracture yesterday. I immediately talked to Fracture by chat because they do not have a Customer Service phone number and the Fracture representative immediately apologized and told me they would send out a free replacement of the glass printed copy of the drawing of my grandfather. When I check last evening I saw that there was a UPS tracking number produced and that they are sending the replacement free of charge UPS Worldwide Expedited. They did not bother to send to me the tracking number for the replacement, I just happened to see it when I logged in to check on my account. They do awesome prints on glass, but do not trust them to send the correct image to the correct recipient. This entire situation has caused friction between me and my relatives for a mistake I was not responsible for and caused a lot of tears on my end. I realized that Fracture is trying to make things right, but the damage is already done...and at this point, I wish I had never placed this order at all and I will never send one of their prints to someone as a gift again. Fracture did not offer a discount on the cost of the original order or anything and they messed things up between me and my relatives. I will never order from Fracture again after this.

Tip for consumers:
If you intend on sending a glass print as a gift to someone, please have Fracture send it to you first so you can make sure that it is not someone else's order inside your recipient's box. It's better to check it and then send it to the intended recipient yourself than to have them receive someone else's order. Fracture sent my aunt and uncle someone else's print, not the one I ordered, and they were VERY offended by the photo content!
Nancy on ReadSomeReviews
29 Dec 2022