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The Truth about the hate on LSA and why it has gone down hill
Most of the reviews here are covering the realities of what LSA has become but the site was not always filled with hateful people. I am a born and bread black American woman and I have used LSA since 2009. It was a website were black people could come and speak about celeb scandal and spoke fun at them. It was all light hearted and fun with very little hate speech or ethnicities being bullied. Then around the time of 2016 the site was flooded with very xenophobic Africans namely Nigerians who have turned the site into constant diaspora wars. I don't understand the hate they have for mixed race women. As an American we tolerate all people from various backgrounds but it seems LSA has users that hate diversity.

There are a few user with names like "Bestfwends" and "Judging you" who are both Yoruba Nigerian trolls who get a kick out of hurting other users with name calling and juvenile delinquency behavior. Both those Nigerians have multiple accounts on LSA and use them to stalk other users and try to dox them. LaMochaCoca is another Nigerian who has multiple user accounts and uses them to defend her worthless homeland. Pathetic. LSA is a heavy doxing website so be careful before you decide to sign up. I would not recommend it. I am happy that many users are waking up to the force of evil on that website. I do believe in Karma and I hope those Nigerians receive it and experience anguish for their evil deeds.

LSA use to be a fun website were people could enjoy themselves but not anymore. As a black American woman I have been shocked at the level of hate directed towards me and other ethnicities. America is a multi-ethnic country with laws that protect its citizens from abuse. So it's a shame that LSA does not do the same for its users.
Penelope on ReadSomeReviews
20 Nov 2022
Sheer, Buildable GLOSSY Lipstick!
UOMA by Sharon C "Lips Don't Lie" Sheer Lipstick in High Key ($7.50) is an all-in-one lippie. Fusing the hydrating elements of a lip treatment and the sheer color of a lip tint.

Rice Wax brings shine with a creamy formula while the infusion of Spearmint Essential Oil energizes the senses and enhances the plumping effect it gives to the lips.

I would say the lipstick is much more "lip gloss" than "lipstick." In my opinion, it's like a gloss in a solid lipstick form. The shine is high-intensity with a hyper-shine finish.

The hue it gives off looks pretty natural to the lip. The tint can be built up or down, depending on how much you put on. Since this was the "darkest" shade in the collection of red, I was expecting a bold, intense color but it was unique to see such a natural, healthy blush rather than an intense firetruck red. Furthermore, I definitely can see myself adding this on top of my existing matte reds to create an even more beautiful lippie with the crazy shine.

The glide is like butter on the skin. It just melts into the lips the more you add, leaving behind that kiss of color. It's glossy without being sticky, creamy without being greasy--it's the perfect balance of everything important for a kissable, plump & glossy lip.

Another favorite for me is price. It's definitely affordable compared to most double digit lipsticks. $7.50 is reasonable without breaking a bank!

Paraben free, Mineral Oil free, D5 free, Nano Free, Preservative free, Talc free, UV filters free--this lippie is just an all around good, lip-loving lipstick.

Image in UOMA Beauty review
Image in UOMA Beauty review
Image in UOMA Beauty review
Image in UOMA Beauty review
Image in UOMA Beauty review
Image in UOMA Beauty review
Hannah Marie on ReadSomeReviews
Hannah Marie
09 Nov 2022
Vile Racist and black power foolishness. (A black American male's perspective)
Matthew Berry on ReadSomeReviews
Matthew Berry
31 Oct 2022 Updated on 11 Nov 2022
An amusing site- The Black version of the Onion!
I left LSA months ago due to encountering obsessed Somali stalker and failed doxxer "AndrewRobel"/Eric Stevens. I was aware of him stalking me for a while and decided to sit on it. It gave me great satisfaction to know that I was "living rent free" as they say in his mind. I'm always ambiguous on the internet, I do not say more than what's necessary and like to be Mystique-ish. I would never give anyone online or offline the opportunity to victimize me.

He really thought that internet strangers would have intel on me. I realized that a LOT of people (triggered and upset LSA fonts) were tracking and stalking me. Thus I decided that LSA despite its hilariousness was not worth another second of my time. I'm not a sensitive person and have a good sense of humor, so I'm not writing this review from a place of being traumatized and upset like most of these reviewers.

The groupthink and echo chamberness of LSA is annoying, probably my main and only grievance. I think the main reason my font was SO triggering to some people was because I often went against common LSA groupthink, echo chamberness, ignorance and blatant stupidity. I'm a strong debater and highly resistant to peer pressure and groupthink. There are some people whose lives revolve around that site and it's beyond pitiful.

I have a new stalker/tracker: a Black male on Twitter "Lontelldtx" who wishes that he had intel on me. He wishes that I would come back to that cesspool of site, it's his lifeforce not mine. For all the people stalking and scanning through that "Taylor Swift" fan Twitter account, it's obviously not one of my "real" and personal social media accounts. I just like to log in, from time to time, to see the analytics showcasing all of the pressed and obsessed people visiting my profile. It's really amusing to me.
Image in Lipstick Alley review
Image in Lipstick Alley review
Image in Lipstick Alley review
Image in Lipstick Alley review
Image in Lipstick Alley review
Iconic font-Bestfwends-She who vanquishes! on ReadSomeReviews
Iconic font-Bestfwends-She who vanquishes!
29 Oct 2022 Updated on 29 Oct 2022