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We are ReadSomeReviews

This resource was created by the ordinary consumers, who at some point agreed that we all regularly become the victims of substandard services and endlessly search for responsible and conscientious businessmen, especially online. In the age of continuous consumption, people claim much more knowledge and comfort, trying to simplify everyday life by any means. Many companies try to contribute to that, but often without a full understanding of what customers really need, how they see certain services.

One of our goals is to assist consumers:

- finding online a suitable provider of intellectual services or intangible goods quickly and accurately;

- to provide an opportunity to share their experience by the impartial, honest and unaffiliated reviews.

The other - to assist businesses:

- by showing their professionalism and concern about the quality of their services;

- help them listen to the audience and effectively correct the mistakes;

- to share the story of successful business management and customer service with the whole world.

There are dozens of review platforms, but we specialize only on those companies or individuals who provide services of intellectual and consulting nature or non-physical products online. In the future, we would like to develop and offer guidance and comprehensive solutions on how to improve the level of the business services based on reviews and users' preferences and help to find more customers or visible advantages among competitors. So, the regular customers should also get recommendations of the business, which would meet their needs qualitatively and responsibly.

Let's Make Service Better!