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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a place, where people can find and leave their reviews about the experience they faced while making deals with business or individuals, who provide services or sell intangible goods online.

One day we came to a solid conclusion, that something should be done with those, who usually does not care about the quality of the services they provide, especially online: make them public, point on their flaws and ginger them up to improve their business activity. Thus, we would love to help regular customers to express their feelings, find the right choice for their needs and help to spend less time on searching. We would love to show the world those biz, which care about their reputation and do that well. Long story short: ReadSomeReviews is created to help making the interaction between the customer and the business qualitative, smooth and honest as much as possible.

We specialize and cover online business only, which provides non-physical goods or services. So, the reviews should mostly reflect the level of the provided services, qualification, suavity and attention to the customer. Thus, you won't find here any feedback about phones, tablets, cars or other physical consumption items.

At the moment, this resource is absolutely free and is financed by a few enthusiasts. In future, we plan to provide the paid premium features for business and engage advertisers. Anyway, if you are anxious about the same aim as we are – the support wouldn't hurt, just let us know :)
The reviews should be not about the product but the services itself and reflect the level of satisfaction and express the emotions you received while having a deal: how well you were treated, whether you felt yourself comfortable, what was the level of attention and support, what recommendations or wishes would you give to the business or ReadSomeReviews visitors.
Yes, if reviews conflict with our Terms and Conditions; contain cruel, untruthful, violent, shocking or any other prohibited information, which may harm other people feelings, believes, origin, religion or other spiritual values. The service administration may leave the right to remove any review without explanations.
Yes, each review is deeply analyzed by our specialists before publication. If you feel that something is wrong with the review, you may always let us know about it and we will investigate it additionally. We also intend to teach the system to define potentially fake reviews, conduct the linguistic analysis and help human being to care about the information faster.
On this page you may find the single one and the prime business in each direction, which earned trust and all praise from the reviewers. It means, that if you find a company here, you should be sure about their legit and trusted activity. Business can’t pay for this position and the best one will be defined only after a critical mass of positive reviews is gathered.

The reviewer's level is formed according to the balance of quantity of reviews, comments, its value and overall reviews' views. So that reviewer should be interested in leaving useful and open reviews, reflecting the level of online business' services and the quality.

No. Never. Any business has the right to dispute the reviews about them: the investigation will be started and both sides will have to provide clear argumentations, so we could decide whether it should be deleted or not.

Any business, which provides online services or sell non-physical goods. It may be the legal and law firms, science or homework help services, business, beauty, health or psychotherapy consulting, software development, SEO and SMM or marketing agencies, entertainment planners, etc. But still, we will sort activity carefully, though you won't find here any profiles of business which is fraud or illegal.

No, it is not possible. If there is at least one review about your business: positive or negative, the business profile will be created and will remain in our database. We recommend to follow the page – it will only help the owner to get the honest feedback on the business and show how successful you are.
It is up to you. If you feel, that it may help your prosperity – then go on. You should also understand, that the best way to grow your business is to find out its weak sides and improve them. Though, it should be interesting to get the most honest and real feedbacks. But if we notice any fraud or factitious activity, the reviews will be removed.
Nay, you must do that! You should show your potential customers that you care about each and every feedback and client you get; your answers will help people to learn more about the business and its code, how you treat your customers, how you resolve problems, if any, and how fast is your reaction. This is the best advertising for those, who even never heard about your company.
The main thing you should show, that you respect your customers, that you are forcing to deliver them great services every day, that you are grateful for their loyalty, that you are ready to resolve any issue, if something goes wrong. Nothing is perfect, but still there is always a way to nigh the perfectness.
Sure, but you should be polite and respect your audience. We will investigate the case and a careful decision will be made.
Yes. If you resolve the problem privately and manage to smooth out the conflict with the customer, we won't resist.

You should find out, whether the reviewer is your real customer and resolve the problem privately or public. If you can't do that yourself – we are here to assist!

If competitors do things like that with you, it means you are successful :) Do not panic, ask for legit information from the reviewer, make sure about your assumptions and let us know about the case.