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The complex world of Forex just got a lot easier with Cash Forex Group.

Thim T on ReadSomeReviews
Thim T
10 May 2022
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You should be careful

I opened an account with FXCM in 2021, when Patrick Mccrossan of Galway—who I found on YouTube—helped me open the account. I asked him about the fraud reports that FXCM had received and I was told that they were no problem because I could leave whenever I wanted. However, only a few weeks after the account had been opened, one of my friends told me that FXCM was blacklisted in my country of origin due to numerous complaints. After I asked Patrick about it, he immediately accused me of questioning his credibility and threatened to call me in a very aggressive manner if I did not take down the negative post about him. In addition to this, he has also blocked me from the WhatsApp group chat and account closed without any money returned. Patrick knows exactly what it is like to work for FXCM so you should be careful if you are thinking about working for them.



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Bob Wex 11 months ago

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