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Snowfall Sonmad
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10 Jan 2020
yes I ordered plexaderm moisturizer and the plexaderm it self I got my product today I used it as it said moisturizer first 20 minutes and then afterwards put on a plexaderm I used it after 10 minutes of the plexaderm I did see a little bit of results not much also 20 to 30 minutes afterwards my dark circles where I put the plexaderm at came back darker it said this product last for 10 hours that was a lie I don't like plexaderm I am sending it back I advise anybody that uses this product do not buy it dude. It is not worth the $80 not at all I'm sending minds back I hope you do the same to me it's a rip-off it ain't what they say it is those reviews are liars or their typed up to make it seem like that's a real review I don't believe those people put those reviews in. UPD: I was promised to get a refund
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