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12 Feb 2021
EXCELLENT RANGE OF DRESSES AND CLOTHES BUT THEY ARE NOTHING BUT CRAP I have ordered glass stickers, that look good on the website, however in reality it's nothing like it's presented! I've ordered another product, and I was sent a different color of it! I don't like it, but if I want to return it, they will charge me half of the price of the item, so it doesn't make sense! Now I'm stuck with products that I didn't even order! Moreover, the overall quality of their products is very bad I finally found their CONTACT DETAILS which is eight-four Five five two one seven 2 four five -I the company service team was outstanding and knowledgeable getting my return shipping information with me and they took few minutes to complete the verification process and after that, I ALSO RECEIVED MY PENNY BACK AS CONFIRMATION I also received a text stating that had a long struggle and stress during the process do I don't recommend it!I wouldn't order there anymore! SUCH A TERRIBLE AND FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE
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