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BlueVine's Business Checking, Bill Pay, and Line of Credit are built for small businesses like yours. Better business banking solutions, made simple.

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T Lani
14 Feb 2022
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BlueVine Bank is the worst bank imaginable

BlueVine Bank is the worst bank imaginable for any small business owner. Its customer service department is a joke, and it frequently makes mistakes that lead to costly fees. I opened an account with BlueVine Bank in 2021, following the same steps I have with all of my other financial accounts. Once it had cleared, however, BlueVine Bank froze my account for no apparent reason. It demanded certain documents from me that were never mentioned during the application process. When I provided these documents and let them know I was angry about this mistake they made, they never got back to me.

I told the bank representative that I opened my business account with the understanding that the lease includes all utilities, including a landline phone. I also provided a copy of the lease indicating that the building and phone are included in rent. The representative said he would check on this matter. A few days later, he informed me that the bank would still like to see a phone bill for the address on my account, even after I provided proof that the utilities are included in my lease.

Because the bank wouldn't let me transfer my own money after I changed jobs, I had to close my account. The bank representative promised to call me within a week about closing the account. After two weeks, I haven't heard from anyone. Now they have locked me out and won't let me access statements that I need to move my money around.



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