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Create a professional resume online & hassle free. Resume Nerd is the best resume builder, with free pre-written examples & templates for resume building.

bkltdeast on ReadSomeReviews
22 May 2023
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REAL shame because MINORITY companies need to do WELL and HAVE business ethics. BUT not the case with RESUME NERD. Despite some potentially good tech, and a decent model, RESUME NERD has some GHETTO, PUERTO RICAN, LATINO-gangish style business activity on their front end. As a African I 'get it' you have to be sort of tough to make it. BUT, not until you SECURE new business. Instead these CROOKS steal your MONEY, they LOCK your CC assets even during TRIAL! They DO NOT use CRM to approve after the TRIAL, instead they JUMP immediately into the 'fine print' like the BIG BOYs? But their most remote founders scattered around USA and some latino out lays. They even claim 'CAYMAN ISLANDS' on their CRUNCHBASE profile - which is the oldest American SCAM move of the analog era. I'm gonna open up the WHUP ASS on these fuks. You crooks can keep my CC info. I'm cancelling that card. BUT I''m coming after you losers just on principle. Better go see if El Polo Loco is hiring? Its OVER for ResumerNerd.



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