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I ordered clothes from them

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22 Jul 2020
I ordered clothes from them May 18 2020 over 100$ worth and still no items received. I made a claim through PayPal lovelywholesale responded sent me some info about New Jersey.. They been in New Jersey since June 23 2020 nothing has changed.. No refund. this is absolutely ridiculous!!!! No updates no type of contact what so ever... please people do not order from them.. It doesn't take this long regardless of COVID19.. im going to try paypal again and then my bank... I dont want the items anymore they were for my birthday and the 4th of July... I'm so disgusted and angry... Something needs to be done about this horrible company.. this is my first and last time ordering from them.. I checked reviews before ordering and they weren't bad. I dont understand.. I just want my damn money back!!! I will leave reviews everywhere!!! Trust me.
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