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We believe the personalization experience should be unique, easy, and fun. Whether you're celebrating a special life event or just adding your own creative style to your home, at the heart of it all is YOU - your name, your family, your story. As the industry leader in personalization, we love our customers. They are not only represented on everything we make, but they make everything we represent – creativity, individuality, and joy.

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27 Jun 2022
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Please provide me with a full refund

I ordered an item with a 2-day shipping option, but it did not arrive by the time I needed it. I contacted the seller, who assured me that I would receive the item the next day. However, this was not the case. As a result, I received a faulty item and missed out on an important opportunity to use it. In order to ensure that I am fully compensated for this inconvenience, please provide me with a full refund and compensation for the 2-day shipping option.



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