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Mit PayPal einfach und sicher bargeldlos bezahlen, Zahlungen empfangen & Geld senden. Profitieren auch Sie vom Käuferschutz & Verkäuferschutz.

Charlie on ReadSomeReviews
23 Jun 2022
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Deposit's been "borrowed" for a few days

I have maintained a PayPal account for years. Recently, I transferred $500 from my bank account to my PayPal account. After five days, PayPal has not yet deposited the funds to my account. My bank verified that the amount was transferred via ACH to PayPal. PayPal claims the funds may not be available for another week! This is unacceptable and I demand an immediate correction of this situation by having my funds transferred back into my bank account or by having them deposited into my PayPal account immediately.



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