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5 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Essential for Your Brand

BlogReviews' Values5 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Essential for Your Brand

Table of contents:

  • Reviews impact purchasing decisions
  • Consumers Consider Reviews in Their Purchasing Decisions
  • Reviews Help Prospective Customers Trust a Brand
  • Fresh and Often Reviews Affect Credibility
  • Online Reviews Increase The Success of a Product
  • Reviews Offer Lots of Opportunities When it Comes to Mobility
  • Final Thoughts


Reviews impact purchasing decisions

   Potential customers’ service and product reviews impact consumers’ expectations and purchasing decisions. A recent study by ReadSomeReviews found that 60 percent of shoppers visit online stores that publish reviews, good or bad.

   It is accepted that having many online reviews on a company’s site attracts consumers. Listen to them, and shoppers will perceive your online reviews as part of the consumer journey.

   As surveys show, nine out of ten consumers read reviews before purchasing. Reviews influence their decision-making and affect their buying behavior. The excellent or harmful nature of a review does not affect the way consumers perceive it—they expect to see them on every site.

90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase from a company


  (★‿★) Consumers Consider Reviews in Their Purchasing Decisions

   For consumers, reviews and ratings have become an essential source of information. 55% of consumers read at least four reviews before making a purchase. 44% of them read three or fewer reviews. It does not mean that the higher is the number of reviews, the higher is the trust in a company. The quantity generates different consumers who are likely to believe more in a company with between 10 and 50 reviews than those with 500 or more reviews.

   Survey results reveal that price is the second most crucial factor influencing purchasing decisions. Brand, free shipping, and recommendations from family and friends are less important. 60% of consumers aged 45 and over still tend to trust consumer reviews from friends and family, though.

   As prices for high-value electronics, home appliances, and computers increase, shoppers increasingly rely on product reviews. In 80% of cases, reviewers report that product reviews are essential when purchasing these items.

55% of consumers read at least four reviews before a purchase


  (★‿★) Reviews Help Prospective Customers Trust a Brand

   Product information openness establishes authenticity and confidence among consumers, increasing conversions and benefiting site search-engine optimization. Yet the presence of negative reviews lends this prospect a unique quality.

   Consumer confidence in companies is increased by reviews that are negative as well as positive. The majority of consumers frequently search for negative thoughts to verify a company’s information on its website corresponds to reality. If all of the reviews are positive, customers may be alerted to potential scams.

   A review is usually not a complete representation of the characteristics of a product. It is important to note that another person’s negative feedback may be minor or a factor for others.

   According to the survey, retailers are more successful in maintaining customer trust than traditional media. Fifty-three percent of shoppers said that retail sites offer the most reliable reviews, while only 39% trust traditional media more.

53% of shoppers think that retail sites have reliable reviews


  (★‿★) Fresh and Often Reviews Affect Credibility

   Consumers’ number of reviews varies widely, but most will read between one and ten reviews before purchasing, depending on the product. Reviews are most important for products with a wide range of prices and functionality, such as televisions or camcorders. Still, even in those cases, other factors such as price, safety, and performance can affect the number of reader reviews. 

   All in all, longer reviews are more helpful than brief opinions. Some reviews are more valuable than others. Reviews gain credibility when they are fresh. 

Fresh and often reviews gain more credibility


  (★‿★) Online Reviews Increase The Success of a Product

   Buyers often use reviews to evaluate products, so informative and concise information should be presented clearly and accessible.

   Brands should make the feedback process as easy as possible and reward people for attracting customers. However, consumers adjust their expectations based on value; a simple rating does not provide enough information. Their expectations are different. However, despite most consumers wanting to see reviews on the site, they rarely leave them themselves. Less than half (42%) of respondents wrote a review for the products they bought.

   Brands and retailers can also use feedback to improve their offers, select suppliers, and manage product promotion. Reviews effectively change products in that the best form of real-time market research is getting feedback from people who have already used a service or a product.

Only 42% of consumers write reviews


  (★‿★) Reviews Offer Lots of Opportunities When it Comes to Mobility

   As more and more consumers shop via mobile devices, an increasing number of retailers are finding themselves in a multichannel marketplace. A Nielsen survey found that 70% of mobile shoppers were more likely to buy a product if the mobile version of a site or a dedicated app contained customer reviews—and the younger the customer, the stronger this preference.

  Marketers should use reviews in mobile channels and online stores, tags, wireless technologies, QR codes, SMS messages, and print and digital signage to stay competitive.

  Consumers are increasingly looking for online reviews before making a purchase, and we think they’ll also want to see reviews in-store. If a retailer doesn’t offer reviews in-store, consumers will find a review using their phone. And the company risks losing a customer if they don’t have a review on Google or Amazon.

70% of mobile shoppers buy from a company with online reviews in mobile version of site


  Final Thoughts

   Collecting reviews is one of those great ways to establish a business as an authority in any field. Reviews boost any business’s credibility! They can also lead to more sales and new customers. Because customers often rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions, having a healthy number of reviews available can strengthen the bottom of your marketing funnel.

   Customer reviews are here to stay, so you need to get in on the action as soon as possible. Joining ReadSomeReviews is great for attracting potential customers and building a brand as well as reviews help consumers avoid unpleasant experiences with an unreliable business. 

   And finally, check out our definitive guide to online reviews to realize the whole worth of customers feedbacks :)




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