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I'm writing this review for ppl to avoid Dayana Serwacinska as this girl will call you all deferent names only if you won't
make money she need you to make.
I rote 1 review already and she contacted me on Facebook telling me that I should study Bible, also calling me names...
Why MONAT employee ppl like her not sure? Very unprofessionals.

Anna K on ReadSomeReviews
Anna K
15 Sep 2021
Found it at my local store

I was actually amazed at how it suited me: my hair is fresh and dry now. Never expected such a result from some ordinary supplement from the local store. Viviscal is okay for me

Rebecca on ReadSomeReviews
05 Sep 2021
HONEST MONAT 7 Months Update

this is my 100% honest update of using Monat for 7 months. this is only an update using their

Cassandra Lebron on ReadSomeReviews
Cassandra Lebron
31 Aug 2021 Updated on 31 Aug 2021
Check out my video review about ponyo product and services

Is Pony-O really a revolutionary hair accessory?! Does it really give you a perkier, fuller ponytail that won't budge even through a workout?! Watch as I try it out for the first time and do a full wear test. Hope you enjoy!

Carmen Leann on ReadSomeReviews
Carmen Leann
19 Aug 2021

My husband purchased this for me for Christmas. I started using it for two sessions reach weekend in early January and I have not been pleased with the results up to this point and time. I shave each time prior to using the device, but have the same thickness and consistency of hair after a week of growth that I had when I only shaved prior to waxing two years ago. I will be returning to waxing at the salon again and do not recommend this product.

Eliz on ReadSomeReviews
10 Mar 2021
It thickened my hair

My hair have never been so thick before using viviscal vitamins. I greatly recommend it

Linda on ReadSomeReviews
09 Mar 2021
I used to suffer from oily roots

First of all, they have excellent hair and skincare products! I am literally amazed with the results. I've used nearly the whole range and my hair and skin have never felt so good. Shiny, thick healthy hair that feels clean for days after washing. Skincare is also 10/10. Their serums and creams are rich, nourishing and go a long way. They have something for all skin types and all the people I know who have used these products have loved them plus they have a 30 day money back guarantee. I love that I've gone natural with my Haircare. No regrets just better hair.

Missy B on ReadSomeReviews
Missy B
09 Mar 2021
0 stars

I would like to give 0 star if there is an option!
First, the item was not in the color it should be, even though i had confirmed the color code with the customer before placed the order; Second, the shape of the wig looks really ugly and un-real, not like their advertised pictures at all! Third, i tried to contact the customer to initiate a return because they did not post a returning address on their website, and people will have to contact them first to get the address. The problem is after they knew that i wanted to return, they never responded to my emails/messages any more! Then i searched online for this website and found a lot of people having the same problems. But why such a scam website/company is still running in the US??? Anyway, do not buy anything from this website, otherwise, you will pay almost $200 for a wig that is $10-30's worth.

Olive on ReadSomeReviews
06 Mar 2021
Results are better and better

I was skeptical for the first few month but thanks god I had patience. And now few month passed and my results are much better and better!

Donna on ReadSomeReviews
11 Feb 2021
Supa natural products

I have been a new shopper at monatglobal, but they made my days providing super natural products to look after my hair.. the shampoo even smells like real nature, very satisfied. Customer service is exceptional. Monat is worth to try!

henan98014 on ReadSomeReviews
29 Dec 2020
Very helpful and natural

Monat gives you exceptional services and affordable natural products to take care of your hair and health. Only the best recommendations.

Leader on ReadSomeReviews
02 Jul 2020
Great quality and services

The products really help to take care about hair. Monat global delivers exceptional service

Barbara Stones on ReadSomeReviews
Barbara Stones
07 May 2020