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The swiminyou meets the needs of modern young women’s busy lifestyles by providing a full range of career, casual and occasion offerings on one site. We plan collections not only with versatile styles, such as dress, tops, sweaters, outwears, bottoms and matching set, but also from season-to-season, so that our client can build a full wardrobe from Our dedication to helping her be at her best has led to an exceptional level of enduring client loyalty. The swiminyou competes in the “better“ priced category, and cater to the young, relatively modern lady, who needs appropriate, fashion conscious clothes for her daily life, and prefers stylish, coordinated looks for her leisure activities. The swiminyou has always believed that business is primarily about human relationships. we believe that the more we listen to our customers and involve them in decision making, the better our business will run. Furthermore, We keep updating products at a high rate every day.

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Beachsissi is an online store focusing on the latest women beach wears like swimsuits, cover-ups, casual dresses, etc. in the past 3 years, beachsissi has shipped over 2 million orders to cutomers worldwide, and we are constantly improving our product quality and customer services. Our commitment is to provide customers high quality, trendy fashion clothes/swimwears at affordable prices. Beachsissi offers our customers a quick-and-easy online purchasing process and a dedicated, knowledgeable customer service team. Our real product matched with the photos on website and our payment processes guarantee you a cheerful, secure purchasing environment. Beachsissi endeavors to become a trustworthy brand and offer stylish quality products at appealing prices to customers, with hard work, creativity and dedication.

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Shoes arrived

Affordable prices. Shoes arrived. Nice service. What else is needed.

Jaydem on ReadSomeReviews
30 Aug 2021
where is my order?!?!?

On July 16 I ordered a laptop. Order number: 60f26ac7ad891c6e74e1a12e. The goods were delivered from Spain to Latvia. The parcel was tracked by GLS, but for some reason the Latvian post sent the parcel back. I wrote to the seller and promised to return the money. I now have in the history of orders-Delivered. But it was delivered back to Spain, the seller has both goods and money and he is silent. I contacted the Support Service, but it seems that the robot answers there or is simply described like -, send the order ID, - I send. In response - ,, contact the support service ,, - and stuff like that. Where is it ,, Guaranteed refund ,,. Where else can I go?

SP on ReadSomeReviews
23 Aug 2021 Updated on 23 Aug 2021

I tried out Pat Pat clothing and this is my review!

BEATFACEHONEY on ReadSomeReviews
17 Aug 2021
I love what they sell

They have become my number one sports and underwear for about two years now. The quality of services and goods is excellent! I do recommend to buy from them. Thanks.

Mirabella on ReadSomeReviews
17 May 2021
Always reliable

the sotre is always reliable, private and secure. is the best

Janette on ReadSomeReviews
18 Apr 2021
A Klondike

My hobby is looking for rare stuff on such websites - dealdash is one of them, it is great

Marush on ReadSomeReviews
14 Apr 2021
The best!

This one is the best place to sell your creative stuff (I make 3D models for printers and sell it here). I wish wish reviews as they deserve - the best!

Mikey on ReadSomeReviews
26 Mar 2021
Awesome accessories

I usually buy accessories at pretty little thing and they are quite pretty for nice prices, always :) Happy to recommend it to everybody.

Tanisha on ReadSomeReviews
26 Mar 2021
Almost impossible to sell style

Maybe my style decision are not so good but it is almost impossible to sell one - I managed to sell only twice for about 3 last month. What am I doing wrong? is poshmark legit at all, people?!!

Katya O on ReadSomeReviews
Katya O
26 Mar 2021
Always here for fun

I laways visit dealdash for fun to find some old things to resell. Sometimes you may find valuable and precious things here. The service is fine but a bit old - you should renew your site ;)

Garry V on ReadSomeReviews
Garry V
25 Mar 2021
seems to be legit marketplace

I used to by from alibaba directly but sometimes thw prices are better here (i buy stuff to resell it from my own store in US). The buying conditions and delivery is almost the same as from other Chinese shops.

Vanessa M on ReadSomeReviews
Vanessa M
25 Mar 2021
Is wish legit? It is!

I managed to sell additional goods at this marketplace. The selling percentage is not high, the conditions are good. Thanks, recommended.

Jonathan Creek on ReadSomeReviews
Jonathan Creek
25 Mar 2021