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Arthur Ramirez
16 Jan 2023
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Order from i49 not received, no tracking, no support, could not dispute with them.

Essentially got scammed, did the checking account order, didn't get a shipment tracking number, and the order says "pending" months later. i49 support was of no assistance, wouldn't reship/refund or work with me, said they shipped it but couldn't give me a tracking number.

Disputed with my bank, but because I used my "checking account" to get extra free seeds over a credit card, I had to close my checking account to reverse the charges.

I would not use this company. Things like this make tell me this company does not care about their clients.

Also on's main page, they promote their 6,000 great reviews on trust pilot. Too bad when you go to read them, it says "Account suspended" because they are a bad fit. If you add a negative review, they immediately dispute it. Probably why they got suspended.



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