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07 Jan 2024
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Get off the website, illegal hacking and interference in your life. Can see and hear you as soon as you use the website, heavily connected to Les twins and related people. Juchi, jeanettelanier, Elenipapandrou, sunshine, visionrich, Roy, Sgalojordan, Melissamonroe, streaming to industry elites, celebs and more done with ’my footage. It’s an open secret in that industry. illegal viewers connected to SM apps, music/film industry, fashion houses.
Destroyed my life they found it fun jumping and cheering on instagram. All the recent metoo is a cover up for the shit they did to me.
Bets placed on what xeual things one could get me to do.
Many, many lowlife women involved including famous singers/actresses that we look up to.
Ignore help black people cries from these famous snakes. They selling out to industry own people.



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