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Advertise for businesses looking to increase their exposure and earn cash + gift cards monthly.

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Not much but to cover your petrol expenses

If you are a student it would be quite enough to cover your petrol expenses. I expected to earn more as the ad said, but never managed to reach close to the sums they offer. Anyway, the service is okay, I always received the funds but it is too much hustle with photos etc.

Derreck Ohio on ReadSomeReviews
Derreck Ohio
26 Aug 2021 is legit is legit to receive small monthly income for the ads you stick on your car - they pay out regularly for 4 months already. I wish it was more money...

Easy money

I did not believe it first, but decided to try. After I registered, I paid $10 to "apply" for the sticker - after the needed business which wanted to advertise was found, they returned me the money. I earned $125 since June. Not much, but easy money I should say!

Doug A on ReadSomeReviews
Doug A
09 Feb 2021