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I’m Meg, the founder and Editor-in-Chief here at Lucie’s List and Edamommy Publishing, Inc. A little about me: I have two crazy girls, Lucie (10) and Alice (8). I grew up in Virginia and Georgia and spent the last 15 wonderful years in the SF Bay area, but recently moved back east (Tampa Bay) to be closer to family. I went to Georgia Tech undergrad and got a degree-I-never-used in Industrial Engineering. I later went to the University of Florida to get an MBA in Real Estate Finance. After the market collapsed in ’08, I got pregnant with Lucie, and everything changed forever. At the time, I had NO CLUE what I needed, let alone what to expect during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and infancy. After a miserable pregnancy (complete with hyperemesis gravidarum, kidney stones and all), failing to properly latch my baby, dealing with postpartum pain, buying overrated strollers, and struggling through sleep training, I vowed to tell everyone the *secrets* that nobody told me — the stuff that no one talks about (but should). I created this site and weekly email newsletter (a.k.a. “Crib Notes”) so others could learn from my mistakes — and hopefully have a laugh or two along the way. The email newsletter distills the overwhelming mountain of information into weekly, bite-size chunks and are delivered exactly when needed. Thanks to our 350,000+ amazing subscribers, this entrepreneurial escapade has morphed into an incredibly rich and diverse parenting community (join us on FB!). We also attend the baby shows (ABC and JPMA) and bring you the best new stuff to keep it fresh.

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