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Billie Joy on ReadSomeReviews
Billie Joy
08 Nov 2022
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A site full of psychopaths, narcissists, and mean evil (w)itches

I posted a vulnerable post in Mental Health Alley just to be bombarded with b****y, judgmental posts. They really get a kick out of tearing down people with mental health issues.

These are some miserable, evil, angry people. They truly like to berate and talk down anyone who is "broke", overweight/obese, unmarried, or single mothers. You'd think every font is a high-earning, 6-figured success married to millionaires and billionaires. They all act like they're rolling in dough, a size 4 with a pear or hourglass shape, got a white rich husband, and got celebrities on speed dial. They are delusional, hateful, mean, and judgmental. I mean TRULY judgmental. They sit up on their high horses and judge anyone whose fallen on hard times or has mental health issues.

They all worship white men, dark-skinned skinny models, and Beyonce, Rihanna, Doja Cat, and Mariah Carey. If you ain't one of these people, they hate you. And the hatred towards obese people is demonic. I'm not obese (in fact, I'm average/healthy size range) but I used to be borderline obese. It's disheartening to see how shallow these evil demons are on LSA. And they got the NERVE to be Christians or "New Age-Positive Vibes" fake witches.

They all have bad karma waiting for them. DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE! AVOID IT TO SAVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH!



Matthew Berry on ReadSomeReviews
Matthew Berry 2 months ago

Every good review. The angry black women are mostly Nigerians which shocked at first but a few users were outed as from Nigeria.

user5524 on ReadSomeReviews
user5524 2 months ago

I am sorry you had to go through that Billie. Its a hateful website with degenerate low lives. I hope you can heal from those awful people and move on to a fanatic life. Many hugs.

user5524 on ReadSomeReviews
user5524 2 months ago

I meant to say fantastic life.