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Pete on ReadSomeReviews
05 Nov 2022 Updated on 11 Nov 2022
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Racist website with foul views

I will make this short since other reviewers have gone into detail about the racism and hatred coming from Nigerian women on black Americans. However, as a white person the hate is also directed at white people as well. We are all called racist and evil for simply being white. Which I think is a form of hate speech. Since it generalizing white people as all bigots and no good people among them.

I don't know why this website exists since its original premise was to be a celebrity gossiping website were black Americans would congregate and talk about their favorite celebs, but no more. Also there is a hatred for mixed race women with light skin. Why? Like I said it is not a site were you will be welcomed if you are white.



Matthew Berry on ReadSomeReviews
Matthew Berry 4 months ago

I am glade you see what I have seen. Truly an evil website full of sick twisted vile "people". I hope karma gets them in the end but then again their homeland is in torment and poverty so karma is working very well. lol

Pete on ReadSomeReviews
Pete 4 months ago

Thank you guys for the kind words. There is a reason why LSA has such negative reviews and the reasons for it. I hope others find this site before they sign up to LSA.

Renee on ReadSomeReviews
Renee 3 months ago

I think the fake woke era and influx of foreign people brought in the obsession with whites and mixed race hatred. If you look in threads from a decade or so ago, neither was really mentioned.

user5524 on ReadSomeReviews
user5524 4 months ago

I did not know they attacked white people as well. The website is truly lost the plot for good. Don't feel too bad Pete as we black Americans get the worst of it.