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Hello It's time to make money while shopping! Cashback is the new trend in online shopping. Order products and services at your favorite online stores. Get up to 30% cashback to your Paypal account

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TopCashback is the UK’s most generous cashback site. There's no join fee and no catches, so not only do you earn at least 101% cashback, but there are so many fantastic benefits from being a member...

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Ibotta is a free cash back rewards and payments app that gives you real cash for everyday purchases when you shop and pay through the app. Ibotta provides thousands of ways for consumers to earn cash on their purchases by partnering with more than 1,500 brands and retailers. Whether you’re buying groceries, clothing, electronics, or wine and beer, Ibotta will pay you cash for your purchases. In fact, Ibotta has paid out over $860 million in cash rewards to more than 35 million users since its founding in 2012.

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very disappointed

Very very disappointed I knew what I was getting into with this type of loan and had no problem doing so seeming how my credit being severely damaged due to my father who is no longer with us ,had the same name as me and decided he needed my social more then I did so ya I was screwed from the get go, parents don't ever do to your kids. So I was qualified for 1408.00 on my first loan and paid full term at just over 3000.00 little over double yes but they worked with me so the small weekly's of 59 bucks every single week on time every time we'll I say that cause this is the problem I knew I was getting close to payoff and wanted to have some car work done on my vehicle and have no other way at the moment so hey I got excited I'm like hey after I pay off my snap I'll reapply I been a good boy so they will help. BOY!!!!!!! Was I ever wrong. Sorry for long drawn out post but so much of a huge let down before today if there was a button for 100 stars this place would have got it for sure. OK so anyways got on the site got all logged in all excited thinking we'll they should offer me more so I will be all good if not the same as before, so just imagine how I felt when I got the awesome screen that said congratulations you have been approved for 300 dollars oh ya!!!! And what I think in my mind it said was oh sweet your such a good customer we are going to treat you great here is your loan for 300 dollars just because we treat our customers great and you deserve it. Or maybe I'm wrong and I'm the only way that thinks this way and actually felt the hand come out of the screen from there website and slap me so hard I fell from my chair, not trying to be funny here but come on get this I got on chatted with customer service waited for guy to pull everything up and I swear to who ever he was very nice ill give him that but he knew my frustrations he got all excited like it's all good now poor guy, he goes hey I got you approved for more so I was like alright sweet got it worked out, instead of 300 dollars I got you approved for wait for it 330 dollars hahahahahaha I had to laugh I just could not help it by that point.
Bottom line is you guys at snap do not report to the credit agencies anyways so I don't care if some one was late a month late every week I mean come on you helped me yes but you also made 1,600 and some dollars off of just me alone I'm no dummy but if someone pays you guys like there best friend is the garbage can saying oh hey buddy eat your greens you need it more then I do, well you keep those peeps coming back cause they pay you an absurd amount so they can feel somewhat human you don't try and get rid of them.
To my knowledge I paid everything on time and went full term which I'm sure they like best, and they would not even give me a reason as to why they only could give me that much. I could have spent this half hour doing something productive and I mean that cause I don't do s### like this I have never even wrote a review before I swear it.
I thought I was past all the proving B.S. it just goes to show big company's or corporations have no sympathy its not there fault there just to um how do I put this, all they see is the dollar signs to big to feel emotions for others. Sorry to whoever read this just really really really feel kind of hurt and majorly let down I mean I am trying to fix my credit but when even your last resort goto slaps you like that well I'm sorry really disappointed in you snap I really hope you guys can at least try and resolve this cause I always thought we were great together but I think for the time being that we go our separate ways and start seeing others. So thanks for your time and can't wait to see who and what's written to me by for now.

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06 Sep 2021
I've been using it for a while, but no credit increase

I’ve been using this platform for awhile now. I always pay on time and they still won’t approve for a credit increase for some reason.

Simple and easy

The whole process was easy and simple. If you are struggling with debt this place is highly recommended; if you want it to consolidate into one payment and get some extra money for your business - this place is your choice!

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20 Aug 2021
A bit high rates but no issues!

The service is excellent when you need some cash in a hurry. But the return rates are a bit high and expensive (it is understandable cause that is the price you have to pay for urgent credit). I had no issues using jora credit, thanks.

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Rob L
22 Mar 2021

Called in to do the early pay off on my loan. Was told what I needed to pay to satisfy the loan, made the payment while the agent was still on the phone to verify that it was successful. 5 weeks later I’m still being charged the weekly fee because there system failed to process the payment in a timely manner and now I’m on the hook for the remainder of the loan even though I payed in full the early pay off amount. This company is a scam and at the very least guilty of fraud.
I will write it everywhere I can!

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02 Mar 2021