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Save big by saving food. Fight food waste with organic produce and sustainably sourced pantry staples delivered to your door.

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Factor_ | Healthy, Fully-Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Door

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Factor_ | Healthy, Fully-Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Door

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We’re a weekly subscription meal service that delivers fresh (not frozen) prepared meals, developed by our team of chefs and nutritionists. They’re fully cooked so all you have to do is heat ‘em up—each meal is ready to eat in only 3 minutes. So no more worrying about what’s for dinner (or lunch!). No shopping, no chopping, no cleanup. But also no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugars. We started Freshly because we believe eating fresh, nutritious dishes every day should be easy for everyone. So we do all the hard work for you—sourcing high-quality ingredients, making sure each meal you eat is nutrient dense and packed with the good stuff, and expertly cooking your food to order so it tastes fresh and delicious.

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America's best value meal kit delivering filling, familiar, pre-measured ingredients with simple recipes, at only $4.99/meal. Flexible menus, plans and deliveries

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Food Delivery reviews

The deliverer was late with food for an hour

I ordered food for a specific time, but the deliverer was late for an hour. The food is delicious but unfortunately arrived cold.

Jackie on ReadSomeReviews
27 Oct 2021
Tasty and not expensive

I always order lunch from them for work. The food always arrives hot and delicious. Never had a problem, but the last order arrived poorly packaged, my soup was spilled. The packaging needs work.

Oliver on ReadSomeReviews
26 Oct 2021
Very satisfied with the no questions…

Very satisfied with the no questions asked policy. Customer satisfaction comes first.

Michele Mandel on ReadSomeReviews
Michele Mandel
22 Oct 2021
Would most definitely recommend

The products are delicious. I work all the time, so I can't always cook my own food. The plan is super convenient. And it's much more efficient than ordering takeout every other day.

Patricia on ReadSomeReviews
20 Oct 2021
this is definitely food not for children

Carb counts are normally too high and most things are too spicy. Kid friendly they are not.

Jug Cm on ReadSomeReviews
Jug Cm
19 Oct 2021
Simply superb

Thanks for the great product line and delivering it right to my door. Several times I had a problem, it got fixed. I like to try different citrus fruits that are not available where I live. For that I love the Misfits Market and highly recommend it !!

Ani on ReadSomeReviews
19 Oct 2021
Food is good

My first order arrived a day later but the food was ok. I was given a $ 5 discount. It would be great if there were more products for breakfast.

Kylie on ReadSomeReviews
15 Oct 2021
They have good prices

I have been using them for a year now, and there have never been any bad ingredients. However, the problem I ran into several times is late delivery. The first time was because of the holiday, and the second time was delivered after 10 pm.

Megan on ReadSomeReviews
14 Oct 2021
Love Misfits

I love the variety from which to choose, especially the organic produce that is not available in stores here. It's good when you can order food straight to the door, it is very convenient.

Grace on ReadSomeReviews
14 Oct 2021 Updated on 14 Oct 2021
Always fresh and real

My family has not tried such fresh and organic vegetables for a long time now - directly from farms, always fresh and tasty. Thanks for such a great service to

Jason Thompson on ReadSomeReviews
Jason Thompson
14 Oct 2021
Ridiculously unreliable and overpri

Ridiculously unreliable and overpriced. I ordered two times during the last 24 hours and both times they failed the intime delivery, customer support was not reliable and responsive, the food was average and cold. Never order again from you!!!

Jasn on ReadSomeReviews
29 Jan 2021
Freshly is always fresh

Fresh as always! Every weekend I make myself happy with some freshly seafood - it is amazing as well as the whole process of making a purchase. Try it!

Dila38n on ReadSomeReviews
13 Nov 2020