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Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book has been one of the best-known names in the auto industry. Today, extends the tradition, with trusted values and a reputation for innovation, including resources to help you research, price and shop for the car you've been looking for.

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Waste of time
Waste of time. Through the site shows one price, but when you come to the dealer, they underestimate by half.
I do not recommend
Chad on ReadSomeReviews
10 Oct 2021
KBB Instant Cash offers are deceitful
A total waste of time. This is just a way for dealers to get you to come into their place so they can offer you half or less of the original cash offer. I entered all the requested information pertaining to condition of vehicle, motor, interior etc.
Using this information KBB made me an offer of $14,000 plus. The dealers instantly began to contact me.
I drove about an hour to the dealership only to be told that the most they can offer is $3,000.
Don’t waste your time as it’s a complete scam.

Jacob on ReadSomeReviews
04 Oct 2021
Unfortunately I could'nt give zero stars. Total BS offer for my vehicle. KBB made an "instant Cash Offer" of almost $9500.00. I contacted their recommended dealership and spoke to their representative who was provided ALL information on the car that I intended to sell. After driving and hour and $20.00 in gas, I met with their representative, who, after having told me what great condition and low mileage the car displayed, offered me appx. 1/3 of what the KBB Instant Cash Offer was. The representative said they couldn't offer any more since it was a 21 year old vehicle that they would have to wholesale. Well, TIME OUT ! They knew beforehand exactly what the vehicle was all about. They had the full VIN and I discussed in detail the vehicle information with their representative. So I'll let you readers decide. Is this a total scam between KBB and its chosen dealers? Is it designed to get a person in the doors to sell them a new car rather than purchase their existing vehicle? Otherwise why not just tell me the facts BEFORE I get there and save the aggravation? So, should the BBB and perhaps Attorney General's office open an investigation. I even called KBB and was told the dealer ship made the offer and their Instant Cash Offer was only an estimate. Well golly gee wiz I might have fallen off the turnip truck but it wasn't last night! So now between my family, neighbors and associates, that dealership has lost multiple potential future clients because of these shenanigans.
Jorge Stewart on ReadSomeReviews
Jorge Stewart
29 Sep 2021
The service was okay
Overall the service of KBB was oaky - I received a car almost after the payment. There were some issues with understanding the fees I paid, it made me to panic a bit. Thanks
Carlo on ReadSomeReviews
19 Apr 2021
Lot's of cars, services might be
Lot's of cars, but services might be better. A few weeks ago I've bought Honda Accord and it is a nice car, but I have spent more money than expected for the vehicle to be delivered, I was never warned about the cost of delivery to Georgetown.
himakgam on ReadSomeReviews
06 Oct 2020
Wasted 6 hours of my day
KBB gave me an instant cash off (obviously contingent upon inspection). I notated EVERY DETAIL down. Drove a 4 hour round trip to be told $1000 less than kelley blue book value because of lies. When I went to my email Once I got home, the inspector BOLD face lied about what he saw, and I guess hoped I wouldn’t see his lies? Lied about stains and scratches and VASTLY over rated the ONE scratch that is actually there. Not even a scratch, it Two places smaller than peas right next to each other from another car backing into me. That is a SCUFF in all honesty. No metal is shown. He put major damage to that area. The other parts of the review were completely made up. There’s a big difference in needs a shampoo and stains. There was ONE spot on my seat that was also smaller than a pea. Not a stain. It came out. And the fabric on the handle was slightly dingy from hands touching it. Not stained. I asked before I came if these ppl were intelligent enough to know the difference or if I needed to wash and shampoo the car. Clearly when I was told they were, they lied. Again. I called before I came and they told me (Jonathan at ford of dalton in Georgia) that they give OVER kelley blue book Offers. Anyways, the reason for the review is the fact that when using this system there is nothing holding anyone accountable for the deal that had been made or lies that had been told. For wasting my time. My husbands ONE off day. $30 in gas. Nothing. This site can say whatever to get you in a dealership because the dealers pay kelley blue book a fee. The dealership told me this. The goal is to get you in there and hopefully you trade and they win or they lie to you and you’re stupid and they win. This site offers zero protection and is NOT in our best interest. This is solely for KBB to make money off the fee, not be held liable, knowing the car places will stick it to you. And solely for the dealerships because they get the traffic from the unenforceable offers from KBB sends them. I won’t use this site EVER again and I encourage you all to assume and plan for shady lying thriving car salesmen. I’ll use NADA or black book from now on.
Renee Martin on ReadSomeReviews
Renee Martin
22 Jun 2020